Think about whether you want to paint the entire room, just one wall or even half a wall.

This decision is fundamental to the choice of colors and style of painting.
To know the amount of paint needed, measure the wall, multiplying the distance
horizontally by the height from the floor to the ceiling. It is also necessary to
consider the number of coats, which vary according to the color of the paint and
the style of the room. Are you afraid that the chosen color will not match the
space? One way to visualize the final result of your project is to make a
simulation of the painting. There are free and online simulators where the
customer can use a photo of the apartment itself and click on the available
paints to test them on the walls.
Although the websites and apps available are getting better, the colors may
vary slightly on the walls of your home. Therefore, also make a test with the
paint, painting a small piece of the wall. Of course, with ease you can paint your
apartment on your own. However, a professional painter will do a service with
much more quality, in addition to saving your time.