Advantages of the frequency inverter.

The main advantages of using a frequency inverter in drive systems are the reduction of the installation costs, the optimization of the process, as the inverter contributes to the reduction of the rates of losses and consumption of material in the production, also the possibility to control the engine starts and braking, making the operation of the engines smoother. Frequency inverters correct baldor the power factor naturally. Although the electric motor is operating at a low power factor (≈ 0.8), at a given instant of time, the power factor that is seen by the grid is that of the inverter, which is close to one (0.96 ).

There is the possibility of implementing a closed-loop control, through a PID routine internal to the inverter, in addition, the inverter allows operations in many load regimes, minor maintenance, increasing the life of the system, since motors are used which are more robust and cheaper than DC motors. We also have noise reduction, implementation cost and lower maintenance in relation to mechanical speed variation systems.